B6 Info-meeting Berlin 19.02.2010. 20 h

They try to make us into international terrorists because we fight back against their terror!

Info-meeting by ABB. Zielona Gora in Berlin. 19.02.2010. 20 o’clock.
Gruenbergerstr.73, 10245 Berlin (U-Bhf Samariterstr.)
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We, the Abolishing the Borders from Below collective, would like to invite you to a meeting about the ‚Belgrade 6‘ case and about the ‚repression through the use of the international anti-terrorism law‘. This discussion started for us after our last publication ABB #35 where we had a special chapter on the Belgrade 6. These six activists are in prison since September 2009 after being accused of international terrorism. The arrests were allegedly related to a soli-action for Thodoros lliopoulos, where small damages were done to the Greek Embassy with molotov coctails.

It is a commitment of every EU country to create an anti-terrorism law which overviews the ideals of the EU to repress terrorism, Serbia is not yet in the EU but they may use this opportunity to prove their suitability to the EU. Until now no court has been able to judge any direct action as an act of terrorism, but when one State can legally make this connection then other countries will use this strategy in similar cases. We want to focus on the development of international law to repress resistance under the definition of terrorism and the fact that we are facing this repression worldwide.

We want to start with the information and update on the ‚Belgrade 6‘ – about the action itself but also about the process which is starting on the 17.02.10. Then we want to discuss it in a wider context of repression and the ways of resistance.

We hope to open this topic for discussion. It in increasingly an issue that anarchists/activists/anti-state people are being portrayed as terrorists. We see it as important to make people aware of how big an issue it is.

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