Anarchist Book Convention Biel/Bienne May 2010

Taking place last year in Winterthur and this year in Biel/Bienne, the second anarchist book convention will be held in May 2010. The city being situated on the linguistic border, we, therefore, have more possibilities offered to us when it comes to the organization of this event. More than changing city, the idea is to widen the concept. We are planning, aside from the presentation of dozens of publishers, libraries, distributors and organisations, multiple cultural and political activities in different wonderful places of this small town, located in between the verdant Jura and the glistening lake. What hatched in Winterthur can now grow in Biel/Bienne; a multilingual convention aiming to be a meeting point for anarchists from all over central Europe, and who knows, further. In addition, Biel/Bienne, located on the grounds of the Fédération Jurassienne, is a town where the libertarian tradition lives on and perpetuates. In spite of its population of over 50,000, there are squats, an autonomous youth center with 40 years of history, « le Chat Noir », one of the only anarchist infokiosks in Switzerland, a self-managed popular kitchen serving hot meals multiple times a day as well as an autonomous printing house in Biel/Bienne.
The convention will take place on Saturday the 15th and Sunday the 16th of May 2010 at the CAJ/AJZ (Autonomous Youth Center), also known as the Coupole/Kessel. You can register directly by visiting our website ( where you will also soon find more detailed information concerning the program, the location and the convention in general.

2010 Biel/Bienne Anarchist Book Convention Organization Commitee

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